provides the online advertising solutions for the online business promotion. We have an inventory to provide the best online advertising support to the advertisers. We serve banners/ images for various websites & coming soon with various other online business advertising solutions to make the job easier & for the best advertising results.

- Privacy Policy
Information Collection
is designed to provide and facilitate the online advertising solutions. The website serves banners & images for other websites. We do not collect any personally identifiable information like your name, contact number, your address, e-mail address etc. We only use & collect the information like browser information, web surfing information etc. which is required to display your banners & images on websites.

Information Sharing
does not share any information of its advertisers & publishers with any third party. Information collected by us is principally intended for technical & administrative purpose only.

applies industry standard security measures to ensure the security of all data. The data that is stored on our servers is highly secured & confidential & is away from the public reach.

Children's Privacy
We are very much concerned with the issue of children's privacy. We do not provide any adult & porn images/ banners to any of our client to prevent the misuse of Internet. We try to make our full efforts to protect the privacy of children while using the Internet.

We are committed to maintain the transparency related with our service & practices & serve the best to advertise online.

Consent And Changes
may find it necessary to update this Privacy Policy whenever required. If any change is occured, it would be displayed on this page so that you can always be awared with the updated policy.

Recommendations & Updations
Any suggestions & updations regarding the privacy policy or any other questions & views to update the policy will be appreciated, in this case you may contact us.

- Disclaimer
The user of is presumed to have agreed, understood and accepted unconditionally all the terms, conditions, procedures and risks of using the services and can not at any time claim ignorance of any or all of them. All relationship of any user wheresoever situated is governed by and in accordance with the laws of national capital territory Delhi, India.

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